Dr. Zakaria Mahfouz Law Office, Alexandria, Egypt

W' ELCOME to the DR. ZAKARIA MAHFOUZ LAW OFFICE. We are located in Alexandria, Egypt, where we serve both domestic and international clients in many areas of Egyptian business, commercial and domestic law. Our firm is comprised of three partners including:

Dr. Zakaria Mahfouz Me. Ahmed Z. Mahfouz Me. Ibrahim Z.  Mahfouz
Dr. Zakaria Mahfouz
Before Court of Cassation
Me. Ahmed Z. Mahfouz
Before Court of Appeal
Me. Ibrahim Z. Mahfouz
Before Court of Appeal

We practice law in a wide variety of disciplines. Some of our specific areas of practice include:

The pyramids of ancient Egypt

We serve our clients with thorough expert service and with careful attention to details. Please feel free to contact us in our Alexandria law office by telephone, fax or e-mail.

The Egyptian flag

Dr. Zakaria Mahfouz Law Office

25 Talaat Harb Street
Alexandria, Egypt

Telephone: (00203) 48 06 599
Fax: (00203) 48 46 568


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