Hui Cheng Law Firm, Beijing, People's Republic of China

HUI CHENG LAW OFFICE is a partnership located in Beijing and, at present, there are more than 40 lawyers in the firm of whom the majority have Bachelor, Master and/or Doctor degree of law. Moreover, some of them can work with foreign language as they once worked or were trained abroad. These enable the Firm to practice in a variety of both international and domestic legal areas, most of which are related to trade and business.

The service areas of Hui Cheng Law Office are as follows:

  • Shipping, Trade and Anti-dumping
  • Investment and Immigration
  • Real Estate and Company
  • Finance and Securities
  • Intellectual Properties
  • Arbitration and Litigation
  • Administrative Law and Labor Law

  • As result of all members' effort, the firm has created outstanding achievement and established relations with many economical organizations and governmental organs. Besides, the firm has also set up corresponding and business relation with law firms and/or consulting agencies in Australia, Cyprus, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Israel, Italy, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Pakistan, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States and Hong Kong. In order to strengthen contact and provide better services with clients, some of them have been e-linked.



  • Maritime Court and Special Procedure Law
  • The Law of JV Amended
  • Trouble Dealt in China
  • The West Attracting the World

  • The contact details of the firm:

    Flag of the People's Republic of China


    Rm. 0515, HuaPu International Plaza
    No. 19, Chaoyangmen Waidajie,
    BEIJING China 100020

    Tel: 86-10-62577510 / 65993788
    Fax: 86-10-62577510 / 65991446


    Contact: Tian Baicheng

    Send E-mail to the Yue Cheng Law Firm of Beijing, China


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