No More Roofing Worries!

WITH a tile roof from AMERICAN ROOF COMPANY, you never have to worry about your roofing again. That's because we have so much confidence in our premium-grade materials and experienced craftsmanship that we provide a lifetime warranty on the installation and workmanship of your new tile roof.

That's right ... lifetime. And our prices are the lowest you'll find for these beautiful, fire-resistent roofs. Just click here for more information.

AMERICAN ROOF COMPANY is the leader in Southern California and Southern Nevada in providing state-of-the-art roofing and standing behind it. We are dedicated to the most cost-effective roofing solutions with experience dating to 1982. We provide the highest quality service for commerical, residential and industrial clients.

We are industry experts in roofing specifications, materials, application and maintenance. Our goal is to supply your home, commercial property or industrial plant with the optimum roofing system for the budget and needs prescribed.

Save That Old Roof?

What about that old cedar shake roof you have now? We're often asked if we can save it for a few more years and in most cases the answer is yes. For the budget-minded homeowner, this a a great alternative.

For about 25% of the cost of replacing your shake roof, we can restore it, make it water tight and provide you with a 5-year warranty. How can you beat that? If you think you'll be moving soon, this is a great way to give your home the care it deserves with a minimum outlay.

For more information on AMERICAN ROOF COMPANY's shake restoration program, click here.

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